Frequently Asked Questions

Reoz is a reusable drinkware service for coffee shops that allows them to switch to serving drinks in plastic reusable cups at the same price as disposables.

Coffee shop customers who need a cup, can use a Reoz reusable cup. When they are finished using the cup, they can return the cup any time to any Reoz location. Reoz will collect, clean and redistribute the returned cups for reuse.

Please return the empty cup any time to any Reoz return bin and recycle the paper sleeve and plastic lid.

It’s a 100% recyclable BPA-free polypropylene #5 plastic cup that can be reused multiple times. It’s safe for cold and hot beverages, dishwashing and reuse.

The price of a Reoz cup is competitive with disposable cup prices . 

The cup can be recycled anywhere that accepts #5 polypropylene plastic and the sleeve can be recycled anywhere that accepts paper. 

They are washed and sanitized in commercial dishwashers in accordance with state and FDA Food Code requirements, just like restaurant cups .